11 June 2012

what I'll wear this summer . . .

I didn't intend to buy anything. I was just accompanying my mom to the Dansko outlet, which for us, is a stop along the way to bigger and better things . . . we like to get our Longwood-Anthropologie-Trader Joe's fix by driving down to Kennett Square and hitting them all in one fell swoop.

Then I tried on a pair of these beauties:

Whoa. I suddenly realized that, especially for someone with a chronically slipping hip joint, it's stupid to wear foam flipflops (comfortable as they are, and I do appreciate them for things like gardening or beach-going or tramping through streams) that only aggravate my lower back woes, when I could be wearing a shoe with actual, you know, support. So I plunked down the cash and I'm not sorry. I absolutely recommend Dansko sandals to ya'll. They may need some softening and stretching, but they are high-quality leather that will last years. Thanks, Mom, for being the one to blaze the Dansko trail many years ago; I think I now own four pairs.

p.s. I slipped a pair of these Fab Feet cushions into the back to avoid blisters. The website is of ridiculously low quality but the products are genius. Find them at Target.

Speaking of Target, I just picked up a Merona lace cami and am very happy with it. If you too are a layer-loving lady always on the hunt for good camisoles, give these a try. Lots of lovely colors, and (for me anyway) both high and long enough to actually be useful. :)

{image credit: Ann Taylor}
Here are a few other things I am enjoying in my summer closet:

Shirts with ruffles.

Slouchy, swingy skirts. I have a few pairs of shorts that I like, but if you don't plan on turning cartwheels, skirts are so much nicer. One reason I dislike cold Northern winters is that skirts and dresses get so much harder to wear.

Sundresses in bright colors and fun patterns.

Maxi dresses that sweep the floor, because they make me feel impressively put-together even if I haven't taken a shower and just stuck my hair in a ponytail. Alas, I am always late for the trend train: I only just bought my first maxi dress and pair of skinny jeans (they are Denizen by Levi's and I love them--in my defense, it is mondo hard to find skinny jeans when you're short and curvy).

New York Color Quick Dry Nail Polish, in Prospect Park Pink. It's so . . . well, as Uncle Max might say, so pink.

Oh, and my two favorite things to do with my hair currently? Topknot or baseball cap. You see I cover both ends of the elegance spectrum.

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