22 June 2012

Weekend linkage

"You are expensive. But I still love you."

"Oh no! I spilled my legs!"
-Chloe Plank


Use a spoon to slip kiwis right out of their skin. I tried this yesterday with great success! And to think that I've been wrestling with a vegetable peeler.

Introducing the Post-It desk. I think Mark needs this.

Have a slice of tea, darling?

The fastest way to rice cauliflower. It works marvelously well, and it made some great fried rice, if I do say so.

According to this sunshine map of Europe, I will NOT be moving to Iceland.

A laugh from xkcd: "Stores have a competition to see who can spread your items across the most plastic shopping bags."

Voyager II is about to leave the solar system. Fascinating article on NPR.

Carolyn Arends: "Death unaddressed is the bogeyman in the basement; it keeps us looking over our shoulders and holds us back from entering joyously into the days we are given. But death dragged out from the shadows and held up to the light of the gospel not only loses its sting, it becomes an essential reminder to wisely use the life we have."

How to make your own fruit and vegetable wash: vinegar, baking soda, grapefruit seed extract. Now I won't have to reorder the expensive Biokleen stuff.

A woman sues the city of Tulsa for--without her permission or legal cause--cutting down her garden.

Acrylic-latex caulk makes rugs nonslip.

Oh, and I'm finally on Pinterest.

Shifting Sand by Caedmon's Call on Grooveshark


  1. Yes to eating kiwi with a spoon! I grew up eating it like that and it's the best.

    Of course, there was always Ike who at the kiwi whole, peel and all, like an apple. Weird!

  2. Jared catches on quick!


  3. Apparently people feel very strongly about their post it desks per all the comments! haha And I think Kara eats her kiwi, skin and all....WAY too fuzzy for me. I like the spoon idea. The non slip rug is a great idea! I am so sad about the lady in Tulsa. Sad for her and sad for the state of our world.....government at its worst. Our forefathers would be appalled and so should we! I hope she wins her garden back, but what work to ever get it back; oh the loss! I hope she has her trust in God.