18 May 2012

Weekend linkage

We're all feeling sick 
so I'll make this quick

(the Monday poem I wrote on the blackboard. . . yup, we downed a lot of vitamin C this week)


A pretty illustration of herbs and their uses.

Life is a festive occasion. "This present experience is brief, non-ultimate and good.  While it lasts, it is to be dignified — not absolutized or despised but dignified — as a gift from God.  This life is a mixture of grace and tragedy, a good creation marred by our human folly.  So, the wise seek the things that are above, where Christ is, and they receive with thanksgiving the good things God gives here and now."

Make your own dry erase board! What a good idea.

I want these stickers.

Would you buy a ticket for Titanic II?

We stopped watching Psych this season, since it seems to be relying on more crudity and less cleverness for its humor. Too bad . . . the first several seasons were fantastic. Anyway, now we're hooked on Numb3rs. The writing has none of West Wing's razor-sharp genius, and some of the plots are predictable, but still! It's quite good. Basic premise: two brothers, one an FBI agent and the other a prodigy mathematician, work together to solve crimes. The relationship between Don and Charlie (not to mention their awesome father) is very sweet and genuine. There's a lot of nerdy humor, it has given me a new appreciation for math, and it's clean. So there you have it. The show was cancelled in 2010 but we still have four seasons to go on Netflix!

A critical mind . . . or a critical spirit. How easily I conflate the two.

See you later, alligator.

Bloopers from theology students: parts one, two and three. "Martian Luther is the theologian of justification."

This is a beautiful piece from the Requiem by Tomas Luis Victoria. Really, I'd recommend listening to the entire work.

Funeral Motet - Versa est in luctum by Tomas Luis de Victoria on Grooveshark

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