27 April 2012

Weekend linkage

Jared: I passed my realtor's exam!
Me: Hurrah! Um . . . I already bought a celebratory bottle of wine.
Jared: Wow. You have confidence in my abilities.
Me: Yeah well, it's like that time I bought a wedding dress before you'd even proposed.

. . . that's a good story.


We do have a lot of beautiful books, but some of them are tattered and creased. So these hilarious fold-out bookshelves would be the perfect solution. Right?

A post on demanding things from God . . . Biblically. I just found this blog and I love it.

"Being Biblical More Than Logical: Or Why I Am a Four-Point Calvinist." Well. That about says it all.

A delightful infographic on relative lake and ocean depths from xkcd. "Presumably there are big squid down here? Man, we know nothing about the ocean." (Hint: click on the image to get a close-up on all the text.)

I Get A Kick Out Of You by Jamie Cullum on Grooveshark


  1. Dear Rebekah,

    I love your blog. I confess I'm not a faithful reader (and then again I'm not a faithful blog-reader person), but I do love reading it. Everything you put on it is so good and wonderful, and so much variety. You have a day for everything.

    Miss you, friend. I'm thinking of you right now as I head off to Turkey in two weeks!!! Oh, what adventures will I find?


  2. you are so sweet :) I wish I were going to Turkey with you! drink lots of apple tea and don't go anywhere with strange men!