21 April 2012

Weekend linkage

Me: I've had enough sad and serious for today.
Jared: There's always Napoleon Dynamite . . .
Me: NO.
Jared: Well, it's not sad or serious!
Me: It's really dumb!
Jared: You're really dumb.
Me: hahahaha

(this is how he pries me out of a tragic funk)

Dude in coffee shop: I'm independently wealthy, which is nice.


"The [political] trading of Bible verses ripped from their covenantal context and intention is a sure way to trivialize God’s Word in our society, in our churches, and in our own lives."

Squiggles were never so interesting . . .

If you're bored this weekend, you can try your hand at making "the turducken of cheese balls."

Blooming Heather by Kate Rusby on Grooveshark

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