13 April 2012

Weekend linkage

Me: Well, I think you're very handsome . . .
[Jared promptly sticks out his stomach and makes a fish face]
. . . even though you're trying your best to look like a Neanderthal.
Jared: Urgh. Me caveman. Where my woman?


Medieval monks scribbled in the margins too.

"Who can give a bailout, tell us to behave / Make the Founding Fathers roll over in their grave / The government can!"

When our kids have bicycles we are so getting these: Chalktrails, which turn your bike into a giant pencil. Sooo coooool.

With my well-known love of knives (the sharper the better) this blade-based typography really tickled my fancy. Fortunately I don't have a blank wall to try this out on.

God wants us to complain? "The psalms of lament are treasures for the saints. They give inspired voice to our troubled souls. They model for us how to complain to God in a way that honors him. And they are themselves expressions of God’s care and compassion for us because in them we see that we are not as alone as we feel and that God indeed does understand."

Learning flamenco is on my bucket list. Then Jared, his guitar, and I can go perform in Lancaster Square. What could possibly go wrong?

Because a normal smoke detector just isn't enough.

Dapper dinosaurs. A whole Tumblr-full. Need I say more?

When we were little, my brothers and I would plan how we'd respond if robbers broke into the house. "You grab the butcher knife. I'll take the pasta pot." Well, behold. . . wall art functioning as shields! Side tables with detachable club legs! Now I know how to decorate our future family room. If burglars ever show up we will be prepared.

Sugar is nasty.

But we still eat it sometimes, and I'd like to try these chocolate banana bites when summer shows up.

He Lives feat. Flame and Jai by Tedashii on Grooveshark

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