16 March 2012

Weekend linkage

Overheard while editing essays at a local coffee shop.

Barista: “What can I get for you, sir?”
Older Gentleman: “Jack Daniels.”


Tomorrow we're going be babysitting putting up with taking care of hanging out with my three youngest siblings. In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we shall make shepherd's pie, this bread, and a berry fool for dinner. Of course, we're not actually Irish-- Welsh great-grandparents is as close as we come-- so like everyone else in America, tomorrow just we'll pretend.

(I missed Saint David's Day this year, but when it comes around again, I will make a leek tart. Cymru am byth!)

Super cool posters, modern art representations of traditional fairytales. You can see my favorite on the left. :)

Speaking of super cool, check out this site, portraying the relative sizes of everything in the universe . . . from neutrons to dodo birds to the Stingray Nebula.

I made Jared a layer cake-- chocolate with peanut butter frosting; it turned out beautifully, and I was immensely proud of it-- for his birthday. My square cakestand is fun, but I'd like to have a round one too. The green model here would be perfect.
Your Baby Ain't Sweet Like Mine by Carolina Chocolate Drops on Grooveshark

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