02 March 2012

Weekend linkage

"Okay, here's what should happen. Rick Santorum should win and then appoint Mitt Romney as Secretary of State, Ron Paul as Chairman of the Fed, and Newt Gingrich as Press Secretary."
-Jared {while watching the most recent presidential debate}


Buy a French village!

An interesting article in the most recent Imprimis, on blasphemy laws in the Middle East and their challenge to free speech in the West.

Oh, these pickles. I cry with joy every time I open the jar. (Slight hyperbole, but only slight.) So fresh, so vinegary, so thoroughly disgusting to my husband . . . ALL MINE. I found two jars at a discount grocery for $0.99 each, but now I'm addicted and maybe will cough up the $4.99 on iGourmet.

Also enthused about MadeOn hard lotion bars; not even my alligator legs could resist. Sweet victory. This is another product I tried because it was cheap (Au Chocolate was on uber-sale for Valentine's Day), fell in love with, and for which I will now drop the real dough when I need a refill. :) Ah well. It works and lasts a long time, so I think the price is worthwhile!

Scandinavian homes are lovely. I think I'd just add more color to this one.

I recently came into possession of some walnut oil. Not sure exactly what to do with it, but roasted grapes over Greek yogurt sounds like a good start.

When we move, I'd like to buy some art like that on the left, to hang on the kitchen walls. These two prints are from Anek.

And . . . I like Madeleine Peyroux.

The Things I’ve Seen Today by Madeleine Peyroux on Grooveshark


  1. Here is my thought:

    Mitt wins goes on a long vacation.

    Mr Santorum is VP... so he can't make too much trouble.

    Mr Gingrich will be Secretary of State and be able to recommened the embassador to the moon.

    Mr. Paul is appointed chairman just as Jerad wishes. He opens the vault at Ft. Knox and weighs the gold accounting for every ounce on the books.... and then the real fun begins!

  2. Yes, well, we thought that if Paul was appointed chairman of the Fed, one of his first actions might be to abolish his own department :P