22 March 2012

in which simplicity wins again

Monkey with his banana
{image credit: eggpost}
I feel like a civilized monkey, because frozen bananas are my current favorite snack! They're really easy to "make," if you can even apply that verb to such a process: I break ripe bananas into one-inch-long chunks and stick them all in a container to freeze, then pull them out a few at a time. They're usually not too icy to eat right out of the freezer, just frosty and creamy and sweet.

This habit started because I was freezing banana chunks for smoothies, and one day, I nibbled one on its own. Ooh . . . yum.

The good thing about a frozen-banana habit (as opposed to fresh) is that you never have to worry about your fruit getting overripe. I hate watching a bunch of bananas get all brown and speckly, since personally, I don't eat bananas once they are past the Mostly Yellow With a Touch of Green stage; although the husband prefers them riper (how well we complement each other!), there are only so many he can throw down the hatch in one day. But this way I can put them in the freezer when they are ready, suspending the ripening at just the right point.

Someday I will dip them in chocolate like so. For now I am enjoying them plain.

Another wonderful yet simple thing: chicken salad made with chopped chicken breast, mayonnaise, paprika, tarragon, sea salt, and a handful of green peas. Great flavors, and the paprika and peas add a nice pop of color. You could pile this salad on a sandwich I suppose, but I just eat it with a fork.

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