20 March 2012

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 5

Rada knives. I have the peeling and heavy duty paring knives. With them, plus my beloved Pampered Chef utility knife and a good santoku, we're set for any kitchen project.

Contigo travel mugs. I've decided that this is a must for anyone with small children. As many of you know, hot liquid is out of the question when chasing after rowdy toddlers . . . you can't very well pull them off counters, brush off their skinned knees, or button their pants with a china mug held gingerly in one hand. The Contigo solves that problem. Shake it, turn it upside down, drop it on the floor. No leaks. And your tea or coffee stays warm forever.

OXO Softworks Kitchen Timer. It has a lot of dreadful reviews on Amazon, which would apply to anyone with large fingers (the buttons are fairly small), but not to me. I like it just fine, except that the clock is fast.

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