24 February 2012

Weekend linkage

Whimsical animals-- a rabbit on a trampoline, a pig in a party hat-- on mugs, aprons, and tea towels by HAM Studio.

Further whimsy from Vegetabowls. I'd love to serve yogurt and granola in the orange bowls, tomato soup in the cabbage . . .

Gorgeous handmade honeypots, citrus reamers, dinnerware, and more.

Whether served in handmade mugs or not, cappuccino art like this would blow my socks off.

Speaking of socks, I'm considering options for cold-weather attire. I could go for style . . . or not.

This wedding is just precious.

Rich chocolate ice cream without an ice cream maker? Color me intrigued.


  1. So fun! The wedding you high-lighted are friends of ours from Cov Life. Evelyn's mom (Nancy) lived with us before we moved to Lancaster.
    G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. wedding. Very "Nancy" and Evelyn! (Meaning that Nancy could pull that off like not many could!) (Except maybe your mom!)

  2. That wedding is just amazing (as are the other links). It was photo after photo of gorgeousness!