17 February 2012

Weekend linkage

I'm a sucker for small, fuzzy things. (This may be why my husband recently bought me a stuffed penguin, secretively took pictures of its "adventures" while I was busy making breakfast downstairs, and then emailed said pictures to me all day. Wee Penguin accomplished many things that morning, from lifting weights to ironing husband's shirts to reading CS Lewis. I laughed so much.) And this fondness means that when I saw this felt mouse in an Altoid tin, I squeeeee'd like nobody's business.

Why does Reformed theology often generate coldness in place of love? An answer from Ray Ortlund. "If we are ungracious in our relationships and ethos and demeanor and vibe and culture, then we are betraying the doctrines of grace and only using them for covert purposes of self-exaltation."

This book looks interesting.

Well, I turned into my grandma this week: I bought a sleep mask. And . . . I have slept more soundly. Mine has a funky lime green and electric blue print, which I like, but this one would be nice too.

Uncle Larry wants YOU for Constitution 101.

I am going to buy this print (seriously! this is not just another pipe dream about something beautiful that I can't afford). By the way, the gal's blog is lovely and funny and full of sincere food for the soul.

Time to recycle a sweater!

With a nod to Tony the Tiger, David Crowder Band's final album is grrrrreat. I love the continuity of music and of theme. And it's about light. "Even the darkness is not dark to you."

Blessedness of Everlasting Light by David Crowder Band on Grooveshark

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