21 February 2012

another one for the blender

Sign coconut
"A said to B, and B said to C, I'll meet you on top of the coconut tree . . ."

I covet that caution sign for display in my kitchen.

A couple of weeks ago I started making smoothies with coconut milk instead of yogurt. I use less because it packs a [much] bigger caloric punch per ounce, and that adjustment produces thicker smoothies. The higher fat content makes them super creamy, too. I like it.


Green Coconut 

1/3 cup coconut milk*
1 1/2 cups lacinato kale
half a frozen banana, broken into chunks
1 peeled kiwi (this is pretty much my favorite thing to put in green smoothies)
1/2 cup frozen peach slices or half a small sweet apple, cored
optional: splash of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon, flax seeds, grapefruit seed extract, etc

You know the drill. Stack it all in the blender and whirl away; if it's too thick to blend, add a little bit of milk or kefir to thin it out. Make some scrambled eggs or grab a handful of almonds, and you've got breakfast, baby. I never get tired of that vivid green in my glass.

*I mean canned coconut milk, thick and minimally messed-with, not the sweetened stuff in a carton.

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