20 January 2012

Weekend linkage

A couple of weeks ago I finished up a sweet painting project-- redoing a china cabinet by taking it from dark wood to pale blue. It was a lot of fun. Now we're thinking that we should do the same thing to a dresser that's sitting in the living room. What about this?

On the top level of the cabinet, we have books upon books. Despite our love of Amazon, audio books, and Project Gutenberg, there's nothing like paper pages on real shelves. They're obviously more fun!

In other painting news, how to spray paint your food. This gives a new meaning to "apples of gold in settings of silver . . ."

I'd love to store (unpainted) kiwi and lemons in these ceramic baskets from Anthropologie. That is, if they were to go on outrageous clearance to the tune of 99 cents each. Something to keep my eyes open for at Marshalls' and TJMaxx, I suppose.

Barbeque sauce with bourbon? Sign us up.

Hilarious, though I still think Flynn is a good handle for a fish. (He likes it. By which I mean he's still alive and kicking, so anyway he hasn't committed hara-kiri over his name.)

"Becoming radically thankful." Oh, I needed this! I'd like to buy the Ann Voskamp book as well.

And I thought coffee filters were just for making coffee!

Where do you belong on this visualization of Left and Right politics? I find myself split, crunchy con that I am. Politically and religiously right but culturally left . . .

(Speaking of left, the image along the left margin is also from Information Is Beautiful. It shows you how flavors fit together in cooking. Download it for a bigger view!)

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