13 January 2012

Weekend linkage

To eat for breakfast: blueberry omelet.

To eat afterwards: planetary chocolates.

To drink: beverages in mason jars, on the go.

To watch: the making of tea bags.

To concoct: a sugar scrub.

To read: how the 1964 World's Fair changed American eating.

To wow: people making their own wedding rings.

To amuse: Downton Abbey personality quiz! (It says I'm Matthew. I was kind of hoping for Sybil, but at least it wasn't the Dowager Countess.)


  1. Thanks...somehow I'm the Earl of Grantham. hahaha. We love watching Downton Abbey too. We watched the first season quickly via Amazon Prime (trial) but now it's SO hard to wait a whole week between episodes.

  2. I got the Earl of Grantham!