23 January 2012

casa de jengibre

Well, here it is. As you can see, this particular photograph was snapped (snapped! ha! how long will we be using this film-camera lingo?) during the making of a smoothie.

Useless Trivia: you know it's Jared making the smoothie if the fruit goes in first and the banana is fresh. I put in the yogurt/kefir/coconut milk first and use frozen bananas, as I think things blend better that way and the smoothie turns out creamy without ice. So this one must have been the work of my darling husband. His taste just as good, even though we've settled on different techniques.

And now I've been talking entirely too long about smoothies. Sorry. I need a ten-step recovery program.

Anyway, like the house? I don't have a picture of Rachel's, but it had the same candy-shop vibe. She actually succeeded in covering every square millimeter of gingerbread with candy. I thought they both turned out pretty cool.

Not as cool as this, perhaps.