28 December 2011

Well [Spoken] Wednesdays: Dr Jackson edition

Dr Jackson, a.k.a. The Beard, kicked my behind. He is the only professor who has made me cry in his office. But gosh did I learn.

Nerdiest English major moment ever: sitting on the floor with two friends, translating Sir Gawain and the Green Knight from Middle English and making jokes about chain mail.

Hwaet! The marginalia of Dr. Justin Jackson.

Anglo-Saxon and Medieval British Literature

"I hate rationality."
"What's the difference between brave and stupid? If you win or lose, I suppose."
"These monks brewed some pretty strong mead."
"Language is a verb."
"It you would like to label Neitzche a misogynist, please feel free."
"Dickens should have been shot."
"All it is is a piece of literature."
"I'm sleeping on the couch with a jumprope tied around my child!"
"At least pretend like you're paying attention."
"Yes, we have a lot of post-modern monks here."
"I cut out your tongues."
"Don't make the calendar angry."
"Well, someone has to row the boat."
"There's two different types of pathetic."
"Golf clap for Beowulf."
"Male children are like little wolves."
"It's better to know nothing than a little."
"Kids just stick around the house falling in wells."
"It makes me sound so smart."
"And if you're over 21 it's a great drinking game."
"So now Jesus is a fruit."
"Technology really makes it easy to get rid of sin."
"And I drank a pint of Guinness for each chapter they finished."
"I'm going to explain that confusing little sentence."
"Now we play axe game."
"Yay, I can't wait to go become chivalrous!"
"It's Christmas. Everyone's drunk."
"Just forget about eternal damnation for a moment."
"God is not perfect."
"Doing nothing is hard work."
"This will be an interesting lecture . . . I left my notebook in my office."
"I love verbing things."
"Perhaps I like to give you enough rope."
"I don't know what understandable has to do with learning."

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