18 November 2011

Weekend linkage

Generally I don't give a pin for what the Jolie-Pitts are up to, but buying a Soviet tank is kind of hilarious.

"The eight worst fonts in the world."

In the summer we like bourbon and lemonade. Shall we switch it up with cider? I think yes.

Love pumpkin, love pudding, love cream. I am so making this.

Two e-zines for the holidays: Gifted and Sweet Paul. Can I just say that free publications-- when they're as beautiful and creative as these-- are da bomb?

I know, it would be super mean, but sometimes I really want a stamp like this one for my students' rough drafts.

Lately, I've head rumors of a too-much-milk-is-bad-for-your-bones idea. Interesting. Worth checking out, I think. The upshot seems to be: don't freak out about consuming tons of dairy "for the calcium." You'll probably get enough calcium anyway and an overload will actually weaken bones in the long run.

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  1. HAHAHA! I love that stamp! If Rebekah the Great's students can deserve it, that makes me feel so much better about mine. :)