03 November 2011

egg and variations

Fried Egg Flower
Remember the frittata recipe I posted a while back, the one with sausage and potatoes and all that eggy goodness?

Turns out it's a stage for many variations. Such as: no sausage, no potatoes, not even half and half. Yes mushrooms, yes tomatoes, yes Havarti. No butter. Yes bacon fat. No onions. Yes garlic and broccoli and pesto and serrano peppers.

(Maybe not all at once.)

In essence, if you keep to the "saute some vegetables, whisk eight eggs and one teaspoon salt, pour all together, bake at 350" routine, you will have something delicious for breakfast or dinner . . . or both.

Just use what you have in the fridge.

How simple is that?

The frittata needs less salt if you leave out the potatoes, though. Word to the wise. Try three-quarters teaspoon.

{image: "Fried Egg Flower" by JC Becker}

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