29 October 2011

Weekend linkage

I think I have the paper for this classy bookshelf project... now to find a gold pen.

The talking statues of Rome.

Well this is about the craziest story I've read all year.

Speaking of crazy, good to know someone else is mad about sriracha.

Having just taught Billy Budd in American Lit class, this was a pleasing find: an extinct and particularly ginormous species of sperm whale, named after Melville himself.

Two lists from Grace Laced-- words that shape your attitude, whether discontented or peaceful.

It's almost calendar shopping season, isn't it? (I want a penguin.)

"Trails of Tarnation," your dose of weird Western humor for the week.

My newest crunchy website find: diyNatural.


  1. Haha, sriracha? ALL my coworkers are nuts about it and can't eat a regular meal without it!

  2. Yeah... I've never felt quite so trendy in my gustatory preferences. It's exciting to be cool once in a while ;)