21 October 2011

Weekend linkage

Did you know that Pandora now has unlimited listening time, even if you're a cheapo like me and don't buy a membership? No more annoying "you have reached your monthly limit" messages. I'm all over that. One thing I like about Pandora is how you can find new artists . . . well, new to you anyway. (Today, for example, thanks to my Mat Kearney station, I was introduced to Joshua Radin and remembered Griffin House.)

Despite the fact that I have nearly 400 recipes bookmarked on Delicious, and will probably only ever make 20% of them, this week I still managed to add these spiced nuts and this roasted cauliflower and these stuffed mushrooms to the collection.

Oh, please. If I had $120 dollars it would not be going towards a trivet.

Now that it's scarf weather . . . 25 stylish ways to wear them. Useful!


  1. That scarf link is awesome. I had perhaps four scarf ties in my usual repertoire. How do you find this stuff?

  2. Mostly by following other blogs... sometimes they link directly to something interesting, sometimes I bloghop a little bit and come across a gem. :)

    I currently have 20 blogs I follow via rss feed. But I don't read every post by any means. :)