30 September 2011

Weekend linkage

Tomorrow: Outer Banks or bust! Today: pack pack pack. Also post links, because what's a weekend without frivolous internet amusement?

Purchasing white pumpkins is now on my post-vacation to do list.

Well, this travel mug is clever.

hahaha WHAT. (The reviews are the best.)

This book looks like loads of fun, if you've scissors and a pile of paper.

I've never even seen All My Children, and this still made me laugh.

Whimsical visionary or litterbug extraordinaire? I can't decide. (Thanks Daddy for the link.)

Ooh! Someone please buy me these for Christmas? Our bookshelves aren't nearly overflowing yet-- I've only just begun to double stack!

Watched Tangled last weekend. Soundtrack now playing on near-continuous loop.

Though I was never a Mandy Moore fan she does a great job with Rapunzel. More to the point, Donna Murphy is made. of. win. And Zachary Levi, in addition to playing the only genuinely handsome prince-figure Disney has ever created*, has one gaw-jus voice.

*Kudos on that, Disney . . . though Prince Phillip is none too shabby.

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