17 September 2011

Weekend linkage

Just when you thought Angry Birds couldn't be more pervasive. . . China has an idea.

I have found that while grading papers rife with comma splices (and as you'll recall, questionable analyses of history) the soaring strains of Vivaldi's Gloria are a necessary tonic.

Interesting! A movie made from the story of David and Goliath. This could be good.

I've been pondering the deep, dark question of nitrate-added meat. Bad? Good? Harmless in moderation? (I hope so, because I like bacon.)

I forget . . . did I link to this shirt before? Anyway it's worth a second laugh.

"Our car needs washed." Or not.

"I see you have the machine that goes PING!" Monty Python, I love you.

A chalkboard like this would be lovely in our mud room.

"It was then that the first spaceship landed." Best Dinosaur Comic of the week.

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