26 September 2011

Health-related soapboxing

I think the reputation of "healthy food" is pretty sad. Take these lines from one (otherwise acceptable) cookbook on my shelf:

If you want to be really healthy, use low-fat yogurt.

Chicken thighs have a rich flavour, but if you want to cut down on fat, use chicken breast instead.


Get that subliminal message? If it tastes good it's probably bad for you. Healthy food is no fun.*

Well, given what we usually label "healthy," that opinion is justified. Rice cakes the texture of styrofoam. Margarine. Sugarless, fatless, flavorless ice cream.

But lucky you! That crap stuff isn't good for you anyway.

This, on the other hand, is. . . and it's unequivocally delicious.
Greek salad
 {image source}

Steak and Chorizo
{image source}

blueberry smoothie
{image source}

(050/365) December 13, 2009: Not-so-ripe avocado
{image source}

Lamb Chops RECIPE
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{image source}

Okay, here's my soapbox. The key is enjoying healthy food is to rethink what healthy food is.

It's to understand that fat is not inherently evil, and neither is cholesterol or sodium. That grassfed steak beats tofu. That those sawdusty carbs are pretty useless anyway. And that a bowl of fresh peaches with real cream is a lot more satisfying than a "cookie" topped with Cool Whip. This is why you don't need to feel deprived while eating what your body needs-- because, surprise, your body needs things that taste good! Quiche. Pot roast. Guacamole. Caesar salad. Admittedly, breaking a sugar addiction isn't much fun, but hang in there. I say, why lament the loss of Pop-tarts when you can still have chicken Marsala and aged cheddar? :)

And that is my real food credo. End soapbox. Please pass the butter.


*This is why I have enjoyed cookbooks by Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and Rachel Allen. They cook real food, without guilty apologies for the butter and sea salt. Notably, not one of them is an American . . .

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