01 August 2011

well, that took me long enough

I like chickpeas.

I like making things myself.

I have a pot and I have a stove.

Why did I not cook my own chickpeas before?

Well, I'm on the bandwagon now. Freshly cooked chickpeas are creamier and better-flavored than those from a can. They're cheaper. And they take a measly 10 minutes of active time to prepare. Do it.

Thanks to Kitchen Stewardship for the basic instructions. 


How to Make Freshly Cooked Chickpeas

1) Sort through dried chickpeas for any gravel or other oddments. Place in pot and cover with water, with the water level an inch or two above chickpea level. You can cook any amount of chickpeas at a time, but make sure that your pot is large enough to hold (potentially) three times the volume of dried beans. They will expand!
2) Cover and soak overnight on counter (8-10 hours).
3) The next morning, remove lid and add more water if needed to bring water level an inch above chickpea level. Bring to boil and let boil for 10 minutes uncovered; skim off any foam that rises to top.
4) Cover and reduce heat to low. Let simmer for 45 minutes. Check to see if they are tender enough for you, and if not, keep simmering and checking. (I cooked mine for 1 hour.) Drain off the water, and consume chickpeas at your leisure.

I grew up with my mom cooking her own beans-- most of the time-- yet somehow it never occurred to me that I, too, ought to give it a shot. Duh.

Next up, black beans. :)

{image credit: bour3}

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  1. That's so cool...I just bought dried chick peas for the first time today, to give it a try. You've saved me an internet trip, trying to figure out how. :)