27 August 2011

Weekend linkage

The hubs and I went to see Le Vent du Nord last night. It was a concert at Longwood, free since we're members there, so we just went on a whim. Quebecois music? That sounded cool.

Okay. So. They were AWESOME. Amazing musicians, and such fun on stage. It was like four (incredibly talented) friends were jamming in the living room. Here are three songs: Les Amants du Saint Laurent, Tour a Bois, and Lainlaire. (In Lainlaire you can see Olivier doing foot percussion, which is totally sweet; here is a video in which he "explains" it.)

I would definitely wear this shirt.

Mmm... tasty.

An obituary slash mini biography of Nancy Wake, "White Mouse" of WWII. My goodness.

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