12 August 2011

Weekend linkage

So if you have ever played Kubb-- and if you haven't, oh, you should-- here is how to make your own set.

Ahhh this is tres wonderful. Little tiny people and food! The teacup scuba divers are my favorite.

I'm on a musical kick this week. Some favorite songs for ye: from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Newsies, and Into the Woods.

Speaking of musicals, a little something from Design Sponge to help you live in The Sound of Music.

Another game for the nerdier among us: Agricola. You can pretend to be a Roman farmer. It's like the wacko homeschooling family's version of Settlers . . .*

When we have our wall-to-wall Beauty and the Beast library, you can bet there will be a few of these tucked away on the shelves.

Bahahaha. "It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parkin' lot."

Crazypants people, ballooning to the North Pole.

Even crazypantsier people, time-traveling to medieval England.

I would like to go to this Gap store and drive this truck . . . both designed by The Official Manufacturing Company, otherwise known as OMFG. :)

*I say "wacko homeschooling family" with all respect and affection. We were one.

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