06 August 2011

Weekend linkage [birthday edition]

Today I turn twenty-four! In celebration, we went to a Cherish the Ladies concert on Thursday night. Oh happy me. They even brought an Irish step dancer along with them. He was great. So, also in the Irish dancing vein, this is most fabulous. (Duh. It's Riverdance. I still get chills remembering the live performance I got to see last year.)

Birthday dinner? Well, we had it last night, because today we're running around like crazy-- partially due to Charlotte's Web (you should come!!!)-- and won't have time for a leisurely meal. We did salmon steaks with a delicious butter sauce. I added chives and garlic. Wow. It bears repeating . . . often.

Someone else had a birthday recently. Prince Philip and his foot-in-mouth issues. Tee hee.

And the requisite bit of humor: this week, as so often, from Wondermark.


  1. Happy Birthday to you.

  2. And a very happy birthday to you, to you, a very happy birthday to you!

  3. Oh my. I just listened to your concert number. I can see why you were happy...and an Irish step dancer to boot!! I've always hoped to see Riverdance but probably won't ever spend the money. A long time ago my dream was to see the Tran Siberian Orchestra and that dream came true (filled in for Michael when Kara's in-laws went) so who knows?