20 August 2011

Not really a recipe, I suppose

Jim Beam
More like "delicious things thrown into a bowl." 

Boozy Peaches 

2-3 ripe peaches
bourbon (we used Jim Beam)
4 oz heavy cream
powdered sugar

1) Wash and chop peaches, and place in bowl. (Peeling is optional. We never do.) Splash in some bourbon; here is where your personal preference comes in, whether you like a little or a lot! Anyway, stir peaches and bourbon together, mashing peaches slightly.
2) Pour cream and a tablespoon or two of sugar into bowl of electric mixer. Whip on high until forms stiff peaks. (You could spike this with bourbon too.)
3) Divide your bourbon'd peaches and whipped cream between two bowls. Enjoy!

{image credit: Lee View}

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