15 August 2011

As they are meant to be enjoyed

"It is all a question of measure and self-control. It is a sin to be intemperate, to throw oneself into a hunt for limitless pleasure. It is not a sin (indeed it is temperance, a cardinal virtue!) to enjoy wine and food as they are meant to be enjoyed. Not for nothing is the word il bendidio (God's abundance) a synonym for food in the Italian language."

-from Slow Food: The Case for Taste by Carlo Petrini

Pick a Peach

Peach picking tomorrow, if all goes according to plan. Last year I froze some thirty pounds-- and if anything, our peach consumption will go up this year (thanks to my new passion for smoothies)-- so I am aiming for at least that much this time around.

Freezing peaches is a wonderful thing and I'm so thankful for the technology that makes it possible. All the same, nothing compares to a fresh peach dripping with sugar-sweet juice. That is how it is "meant to be enjoyed."

{image credit: mybluebirdgifts}

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  1. Hope you enjoyed today. :)
    You are a wonderful example to me of savoring the good God sends into the day, Rebekah. Thank you.