02 July 2011

Weekend linkage

Chocolate and bananas and popsicle sticks! This is definitely my dessert plan for the weekend (if we have enough bananas).

Such an awesome idea. I have lots of storage jars. Now I need chalkboard paint for the lids!

I do like this song.

We're not just broken . . . it's a lot worse than that. A great article by Randy Newman from the Gospel Coalition.

Very funny if you're an English major: James Russell Lowell's "Fable for Critics." A snarky poke at Lowell's literary contemporaries, with rhymes that put me in mind of Ogden Nash (or even Dr. Seuss).

Design*Sponge is coming out with a book! Here is a picture from the sneak peek; it looks like a modern version of the dining room in A&E's Pride and Prejudice. This book is going on my Amazon wish list . . .