29 July 2011

sweet & sharp


So for the past two weeks, I have been washing my face with honey, a la Crunchy Betty. (It totally works. Not a big mess and not difficult.) That's the sweet.

And whenever I see a pimple trying to break forth, I have gone to battle with apple cider vinegar at my side. A little dab, a little sting, and acne (how DO I still get it at twenty-three?) is whimpering in the corner. That's the sharp.

Together, they've made a serious difference on my skin. Softer, smoother, healthier. I've not even thought about using makeup* for over a week. That was easy.

Both the honey and the apple cider vinegar, by the way, ought to be raw. I buy Bragg's vinegar and big jars of honey from Miller's or other small Amish stores, which are easy to find around here. Yay for Lancaster County. :)

*Well, except for eyeshadow and mascara-- I do love me some eye makeup.

{image credit: Obs70}


  1. Nice photo, have you asked permission for using it?

  2. Yes, Flickr members can choose whether or not to make their images available for the use of fellow members. This one was available. :) As you can see at the bottom of the post, I credited the photographer.