21 July 2011

Giving things a shot

salmon fillet
Because you never know till you try! (We didn't anyway.)

1) New paint. The bathroom, which hasn't been painted for lo these many years, is finally getting a new coat. I love blue and white bathrooms, so we went to Home Depot in quest of the perfect paint, finally settling on a brilliant white for the wainscoting and a lovely shade called Viking for the upper half. Right now, though, the bathroom looks a bit like a patchwork quilt, with paint samples in little rectangles all over the walls. :)

2) Flower seeds. I planted cosmos and zinnias earlier this spring, hoping for a shot of color in midsummer. My zinnias made it, mostly, but the cosmos fell prey to our sworn foe the groundhog. Well, 1 for 2 isn't bad, especially when seed packets cost pennies.

3) Raw milk. We tried it for two weeks, and Jared decided he didn't care for it so much, though I like it in kefir. So I'll buy some raw for myself, but for most uses, back to the dairy we go. Whatever. If I were a true-blue Real Foodie I'd hold out for raw, but honestly, pasteurized milk and CAFO chicken are the only iffy things left on my shopping list, so I shan't feel guilty about it. :) (I do plan to stock up next time Eberly has a sale, though.)

4) Not eating grains. This is an experiment on myself sparked by what I've read about gluten sensitivity, the possible ill effects of eating grains, and the Primal/Paleo diet (the premise behind which I don't quite agree with, but nutritionally it kinda makes sense). So no grains. Especially no gluten. Not gonna lie-- after a month of this, with only a few "cheats," I've found no lack of good food to eat and I feel a lot better. I don't think that grain is the devil. But I can't argue with how I feel. Hmm.

5) Salmon fillets. Target sells frozen fish at a very competitive price, and so I brought some home yesterday. 24 ounces of wild Alaskan salmon for $11-- though we won't be eating it every night, certainly affordable on occasion. Especially because it's delicious. I'd never cooked salmon before but this turned out perfectly. 


Simple Salmon Fillets with Dill Mustard Sauce
(thanks to The Kitchn for inspiration) 

1 lb boneless salmon fillet/s
olive oil
salt and pepper
1/4 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup sour cream (or use all yogurt)
2 teaspoons whole-grain mustard
2 teaspoons dried dill (or 2 tablespoons fresh)
drizzle of honey

1) Preheat oven to 350.
2) Brush both sides of salmon fillet/s with olive oil and place in ovenproof dish (in my case, the fillets had skin and I put that side down). Sprinkle top side with salt and pepper.
3) Bake fillets for 15-20 minutes, depending on thickness; when done they should flake easily with a fork. Do not overcook.
4) Whisk together all remaining ingredients to make sauce. Taste and adjust seasoning if needed. Serve with salmon fillets.

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{image credit: puzzlemepuzzle}

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