10 June 2011

Weekend linkage

Recipe dice! I DIE OF CUTENESS.

We're gonna be making this one real soon. Need bourbon.

Put John Piper, Don Carson, and Tim Keller around the same table and you know it'll be good. A brief reflection on sustaining marital love.

All the ladies, single or otherwise: read this. A very helpful post on our church blog (thank you again Cynthia) about women and their emotions, with links to three excellent sessions from Covenant Life Church on the same topic.

If you thought bathrooms were boring, think again. Now to acquire more apothecary jars.

Super clever website of printable games, flashcards, decorations, and other fun things-- note that they are completely free. I like free.

This is amazing: the classic "Dying Swan" beautifully reinterpreted. Yo-Yo Ma plus Saint-Saens plus ridiculous dancing skills oh yes oh yes.

The ballet version is of course equally wonderful, just different.

Also I just discovered the Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack. Squee!

(Also I may be slightly obsessed with Yo-Yo Ma.)

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  1. mmmmmmm... .Memoirs of a Geisha... one of the greatest soundtracks ever.