24 June 2011

Kitchen fail(s)

Yogurt. I forgetfully let it incubate 9 hours instead of 7. Result? Too much whey and a weird lumpy consistency. I strained it all and ended up with good thick yogurt, but only half of what I usually get, and far more whey than I can use. Whoops. I am not sure if this damaged the starter, so I will just use half a gallon of milk next time (as opposed to my usual full gallon). If it doesn't work, I'm only out a dollar fifty, and I can still use flopped yogurt as buttermilk.

Chicken. As we discovered yesterday, the marinade that is so perfect for whole chicken thighs is too strong for small kebab pieces. Far too strong. I need to cut the soy sauce in half, I think.

Rice. I know, rice? Easiest thing ever. Yet last week, my rice refused to cook. Crunchy it remained, with broth left on the bottom. This week it was totally fine. I don't understand.

Quiche. Learn from my mistake: don't use mozzarella for your quiche. Also, let it rest fifteen minutes before cutting! If you use melting, gooey mozzarella or serve the quiche immediately, the slices will not hold together. It still tastes great, but eh, doesn't look so nice. Use cheddar and hold your horses.

Fish. Herbs with butter, that was a good idea. Adding sriracha, not so much. Boston Blue is too mild to stand up to the kick of this Thai hot sauce, which would go better with a strong fish like mackerel. Oh well. Live and learn, right? There is always something for dinner even if it didn't turn out quite right. We haven't starved yet.

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