27 May 2011

Weekend linkage

Hahahaha. So eat your vegetables, now.

This is a superb lecture given at West Point last spring. Topic: America's need for creative, intelligent leadership, and the role of solitary reflection in forming such leaders.

Michael Horton on what the Bible really tells us (or doesn't) about foreign policy in the Middle East.

I just discovered The Civil Wars. The folky acoustic feel of Mumford & Sons, but with a stripped down sound and the added fun of a female vocalist.

This video, about a baby with trisomy 13 born to Christian parents, is so sweet, sad, and-- miraculously-- hopeful.

A laugh from McSweeney's: what Baroness von Schraeder may have told her friends after the breakup. Also from McSweeney's fried chicken injections. Pretty funny.

(Well . . . except that our food supply is starting to resemble just that. EAT REAL FOOD, PEOPLE.)

(Hopping off the soapbox now.)

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