13 May 2011

Weekend linkage

For those of you inclined to read ingredient lists and make your own beauty products, here's how to make shea butter moisturizer. I did it. Super easy, works like a charm and has only four ingredients-- woo!

Did you love Little House growing up? I did and I still do. Here's an NPR article on Wendy McLure, who just wrote a book about her adventures immersing herself in Laura's world, The Wilder Life.

Silk ties are great. Silk ties with pretentious frogs are even better.

A post on Passionate Homemaking about why moms need to pick their priorities. It's applicable to anyone overwhelmed by all the "should dos" on her list.

Oh brother. Apparently brides across the nation are endeavoring to make like Kate and be royal.

Is standard English education going down the tubes? This author says yes. Sad but true, if the pathetic excuses for essays that I helped to grade in college count for anything.

Vote: who had the best Civil War facial hair? Enough said.

Just for laughs: theologians ancient to modern made over in the Lolcats vein. Calvin and Aquinas like you've never, ever seen them before.

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