09 May 2011

The things you see at Panera . . .

Across the room there's a salad-eating girl who looks like Kristen Stewart. No sign of vampires, though, so it must not be her.

Right beside me sit five twenty-something dudes in pinstripes and polos, armed with two laptops and a plethora of smart phones, talking business in a Very Intense Manner. They are really amusing me for some reason. I feel like they were buddies in college and, after graduation, decided to start a company so they wouldn't have to break up. (Come to think of it, I've seen them here before, and I don't even come to Panera very often. It must be their office!)

Two Presbyterian ladies lamenting the sad state of their synod, or maybe it's just their congregation? I can't tell. At any rate, something is exceedingly lamentable, and they seem determined to fix it.

So, apparently wearing shorts so skimpy that your pockets stick out from the hem is the cool thing this summer. I am so NOT on board.

Finally . . . mango smoothie. I recommend.

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