16 April 2011

Weekend links

Mmm . . . gorgeous ottomans upholstered with Indian saris.

If you are interested in the meat industry's use of antibiotics, read this. (It's on account of such issues that I just brought home over 50 pounds of free-range, no-antibiotics chicken and turkey from Eberly's Poultry. Oh sales, I love thee. Oh chest freezer, I love thee even more.)

A lovely reflection by Christine Perrin on art's role in our education, and in our everyday lives. Thanks for the link, Leslie. :)

Speaking of poems, I like this piece by Lisel Mueller.

Then of course, there are poems set to music. If you've never heard the Gabe Dixon Band, you should. Start with this song.

And here we have music . . . not so much with the poetry . . . I think "Baby" should be performed like this always, now and forever, amen.

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