11 March 2011

Weekend links

A collection of interesting internet items.

-Someone else who loves breakfast!

-This guy designs sweet stuff. Check out this coffee table.

-Excellent article from Kevin DeYoung on doing good as God leads, not out of guilty comparison.

-Of the new music artists I've found lately, Audrey Assad is one of my favorites. She has a gorgeous voice and I love the lyrics. Uplifting to my soul.

-YES. Someone made a FLOATING HOUSE. Cue the Up theme music!!

-If you've never read Mark Twain on James Fenimore Cooper, please do. You're in for a big laugh.

-"Dude watchin' with the Brontes." Especially funny for Anglophile English majors . . . take my word for that one.

1 comment:

  1. Love Audrey's voice, too. Thanks for all the great links. You're my "link girl". :-)

    And I agree about the stupid-don't-work-in-real-life tea bag "wisdom" sayings. It's really funny.....live in your strength...now there's a real downer. Just makes me laugh! Ah, the joy of having the life of GOD within us! Always lifting us up. I want to keep learning to be like my youngest grand-daughter who keeps reaching her arms up for me to lift her up.

    Love you,