18 March 2011

Weekend links

>>What a genius idea. Lost your phone? Use this website to find it.

>>Two excellent blog posts from the past week. One from Ray Ortlund on quietness before the Lord, and one from Passionate Homemaking on battling depression, Scripturally and naturally.

>>If you saw Jane Eyre last weekend, here's the soundtrack on Grooveshark. Even if you didn't, check it out. I'm addicted.

>>Motivation to stop drinking so much coffee: this graph and this video. (Translated version here, but it's more fun without subtitles. Also, if you watch the translation, be warned that it includes a few less-than-choice words.)

>>I wanted to make a breakfast casserole, didn't want to buy frozen hashbrowns. Google search, et voila-- how to make your own frozen hashbrowns. It worked! I have a couple of bags in the freezer for later use.

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