24 March 2011

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 4

1. My laptop is in the kitchen a lot. To protect it, I have taken to spreading a piece of clear plastic wrap over the keyboard. I don't remember where I picked up this trick but it sure is handy.

2. I miss school; I miss sitting in class, discussing ideas and delving into books. Well, audio books from the library and Librivox have helped with that. Novels, short stories, and nonfiction while I do household chores. It's wonderful. Right now I'm working through a biography of John and Abigail Adams and loving it. Jared and I downloaded Howard Pyle's "Men of Iron" and a history of naval battles from Librivox and took them on a 20-hour car trip: that was great.

3.The fun that can be had with a bunch of green onions, a few lemons, and a handful of fresh parsley. Green onions brighten up taco soup. Lemon zest adds an interesting twist to peach cobbler. Chopped parsley, tossed into buttered brown rice, gives it a boost of color and flavor. I like these small ingredients that make such a big difference.

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