01 January 2011

Last year, this year, next year

One year ago: I was ironing tablecloths for our wedding reception, packing up for our honeymoon, and getting ready to drive off to the rehearsal. Weird.

This year: I am ironing my husband's shirts, packing pots and pans into my own dishwasher, and getting ready to celebrate our first anniversary. Weirder.

Next year: Only God knows. I think it'll be good.


  1. Happy One Year Anniversary, Rebekah! Amazing, isn't it?! That's how it goes. One year after the next. Before you know it it's......"fill in the blank". For me, it's been 34 years. It doesn't feel like that. I love T-I-M-E. It's so fun. Before you know it, you're using big numbers. :-)
    Well....though it's only been a year, I can never think of you without Jared.

    Cynthia H.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Rebekah!