08 December 2010

Attempts at creativity

Around Christmastime, I always wish that I had more of a creative inclination. I’m just not a very “crafty” person. Outside of the kitchen, I am stumped or at least intimidated by hands-on projects. Paint a dresser? Sew a skirt? Eek! Where do I even begin?

I’m trying to grow in that area, though, and it is the perfect time of year to give a few projects a whirl.

Pomanders are fun; I use a fork to poke holes for the cloves. I’ve only done oranges so far, but apples would be a nice addition. My mom has had some of her pomanders for years, and they still smell wonderful. Neither of us roll them in the spice mixture, by the way, and everything is fine.

Making the gingerbread house is slated for next week. It won’t look like this, but it’ll be cool:

I’m working on a big bow for the top of our Christmas tree (which has lights but no ornaments yet, the poor neglected thing). Speaking of ornaments, I folded a few colorful paper cranes to add to our collection, and now I would like to make a few more out of old book pages. And maybe this weekend I’ll get to that holly wreath for the front door.

What “crafty things” do you like to do around the holidays?


  1. Crafty things? Let me see....
    1. Gingerbread house!
    2. Clove oranges.
    3. Clay ornaments.
    4. Homemade presents.
    5. Pretty arrangements.

    Lot's more. Can not list all.



  2. I want to try the pomanders - thanks for the idea.

    I decorate the Christmas tree creatively - hope to do a blog post on that soon.

    I try to make gifts for people. We make snowflakes. I make little boxes out of old Christmas cards (hopefully tutorial coming for that soon). I'm going to teach my kids how to make paper chains and we'll hang them in archways.