22 November 2010

Hello, my name is . . . cinnamon?

This is a cute and clever idea I picked up from Joy the Baker.

As I've switched to buying kitchen staples in bulk (things like oregano, sea salt, and banana chips-- yes, they are a kitchen staple around here) I have need to figure out how to store them. Empty applesauce, pickle, and pasta sauce jars have worked very well for smaller amounts. I also use several of these beauties for larger quantities, though more would be nice. For now, I just store my raw sugar and rolled oats in plastic containers. Someday I will have the ideal storage system, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, labels. Sure, you can print them on self-adhesive paper, but why not put nametags to a new use?


  1. Such a fun idea for nametags! Besides, how much better will your day be if each different spice says hello to you and introduces itself? A little politeness goes a long way, even in the spice cupboard!

  2. adorable!

    I sometimes buy products for their glass jars and then I use them for spices instead of recycling. Capers come in great jars :)