30 November 2010

ahoy, discoveries! vol. 2

Do you make your own nut butter? It's easy if you have a food processor, even a small one like mine. I've stuck with almond butter thus far, using this basic method, but I think walnut butter might be next. I always add a pinch of salt and then drizzle in several teaspoons of olive oil to help the creaminess. My latest discovery, though, is that raw honey makes an amazing addition to almond butter. Do it.

In my slow but steady journey to "naturalize" our home, I have moved to . . . my face. Recently I discovered the oil cleansing method, which seems to be working well: castor oil and olive oil, plus lots of nice soothing steam. You could add essential oils like lavender or rosemary, though I haven't tried that yet. This method hasn't made my face perfect, but hey, I never expected that anyway; I'm pretty sure a product that promises perfection is lying. This has simply produced comparatively softer and healthier skin, without irritating fragrances or unpronounceable ingredients. I like it when my personal care products are edible. (Well, theoretically. You won't catch me swallowing castor oil. Gross.)

Remember that pizza dough recipe? It's even better if you let it rise for an hour, punch it down, and let it rise for 30 more minutes. Yeah, it takes longer, so you can't use that method if you are in a hurry. But the flavor is definitely superior.


  1. Well, someday if you are really over due and desperate to try to start labor you might find yourself swallowing castor oil. :-) Coconut oil is another one that is REALLY good for your skin.

  2. Haha, yes, I did think of that as I was posting this... I remember my mom downing castor oil with a few of my tardy siblings! Maybe I'll be lucky and have early babies...