08 October 2010

Query. Foaming soap?

Recently I have been making a slow switch from antibacterial soap to Dr. Bronner's.

(Partially because of these and these anti-antibacterial remarks. Partially because Dr. Bronner's soap is so simple and gentle, and not too pricey if you get the big bottles. And partially because the Dr. B labels crack me up. They sound like Ralph Waldo Emerson on crack. Come to think of it, Ralph Waldo Emerson always sounds like he's on crack. Hmm.)

In any case . . . castile soap is thinner than your average bottle of Dial. It tends to squirt everywhere in normal dispensers. However, I heard a brilliant suggestion. Use a foaming dispenser!

Hurrah. Now the question is, where does one find a good foaming dispenser? Amazon's offerings have neither stellar reviews nor appealing prices. Input please.


  1. sounds complicated. but I would like to know more about Dr. Bronner's.
    We use bars of soap here for washing hands because I like how it feels so much.

  2. Hi Margo- I know Dr. Bronner's makes bar soap as well. I just find the liquid castile soap more versatile for our needs.

    Here is a link to their online store, so you can see what they offer.