27 October 2010

Love. Hate.

You know those "love x, hate y" advertisements for low-carb energy bars? They go something like this: "Love running. Hate hills. Love chocolate. Hate carbs." And then they offer a particular brand of energy bar as the solution for your carb-hating dilemma.

Relax, I'm not going on my anti-powerbar rant... about how they are overprocessed and overpriced, add nutrients in forms less easily received by the body, cater to the "good food must be insanely sweet" lie, and so prevalently rely on soy... oh.



Anyway, the love-hate relationship holds true in many areas of life. Powerbars or no powerbars.* For example:

1. Love wicker laundry baskets. Hate when they contract mold.
2. Love semi-colons. Hate their misuse.
3. Love tulips and poppies. Hate their fragility.
4. Love Garnier Fructis products. Hate that they are so unnatural.**
5. Love my students. Hate that I never meet them.
6. Love the chiropractor. Hate driving 40 minutes to get there.
7. Love Willa Cather. Hate... um, nothing actually.
8. Love clean bathrooms. Hate cleaning them.
9. Love Ann Taylor. Hate the expense.
10. Love avocados. Hate the expense. Again.


*If I'm going to be all down on mainline energy bars, I should probably be constructive and tell you some of my preferences for quick, nutritious food. Right then: fresh fruit and almond butter, fresh fruit all by itself, yogurt and banana smoothie, mixed nuts, homemade Larabars, leftover pancakes and more almond butter, hardboiled eggs, yogurt sprinkled with a bit of granola, simple crackers like Wasa with thickly sliced cheese, just the cheese sans crackers, banana chips or dried dates, carrot sticks and pita chips with hummus, whole-grain bread and (surprise!) more almond butter. Okay, so I kind of like almond butter.

**Can't find a natural product that 1) works and 2) will not force us to eat beans and rice all month. Suggestions welcome.


  1. suggestions: savemart & loft clearance rack when it is 40% off (at the mall store, not the outlet), and eating avocados anyway. I am becoming and interactive blog follower!! ;)

  2. Haha, I love you. Yes, I'm afraid my "solution" to the avocado problem has been exactly what you suggested. Eat them, cost be hanged. (I figure I save on the homemade yogurt and hummus and bread, so whatever...)

  3. Garnier?! Never used it, but I have seen lots of coupons for it lately. Have you checked the clearance racks in the back of Ann Taylor LOFT? I never go to the mall without checking there. I bought a skirt for $8 that was regularly $70-something.

  4. Yes, the clearance rack is my friend. :) At least 1/3 of my wardrobe is Ann Taylor and I sure didn't pay full price for any of it! Target has really good prices on Garnier Fructis... even better than Savemart.