26 September 2010

A whim that worked

"Hey babe, you should try making crepes."

Last week I went to Rachel's Creperie for breakfast with my dear friend Kiera, and came home raving about a cheddar and spinach crepe. So my brilliant husband suggested that I try making crepes myself.

At first I balked: aren't those things fancy and delicate and persnickety? They're French, right? French food is hard!

But wait. I used to think cinnamon rolls and omelets and biscuits were difficult too, and I learned how to make those. (Okay, my omelets tend to get over-browned and still aren't fluffy enough, but we ignore those minor failings.) And so, I encouraged myself, crepes might be no different.

Even if I messed up, torn and crispy crepes probably wouldn't taste too bad.

I tried them this morning.

Revelation #1. Homemade crepes are ridiculously easy!
Revelation #2. I like them even more than the ones at Rachel's!
Revelation #3. These things are one of the most versatile dishes ever!

(adapted from this recipe)

2 large eggs (or 3 small)
2 tablespoons sugar

1 1/2 tablespoons melted butter
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/4 cup white flour*

3/4 cup milk

Crack your eggs into a blender, and add the next three ingredients. Give them a good whirl. Add flours, and blend to combine. Pour in the milk, and blend that in too. Make sure the batter is thoroughly mixed.
Chill batter 30 to 60 minutes (or not, if you don't have time).
Heat a sturdy nonstick skillet to a fairly high heat, so that drops of water sizzle on the surface. For my stove, this was a notch above medium. Pour in 1/4 cup chilled batter** and tilt the skillet so that the crepe spreads all across the surface. Let cook just until the top sets. This will happen quickly; I think mine were done in 15 seconds.
No need to flip the crepe. Just loosen the edges a bit with a spatula, and lift it out gently with your fingers. Crepes are a trifle "rubbery" due to the high egg content, so if your crepe is fully cooked it shouldn't break under gentle treatment.
Stack cooked crepes on a plate, and serve with whatever your heart desires. If you use a savory filling, leave out the sugar. This morning we used sliced peaches and vanilla yogurt, rolling crepes around the filling like a burrito. Alternatively, you could spread a topping over a crepe and fold it in half, or even in quarters like the picture above.

Suggested fillings: Ricotta cheese. Raspberry jam. Cashew butter. Bananas and honey. Mozzarella and portobellos. Softly scrambled eggs. Sausage and cheddar. Chicken salad. Sauteed spinach. Caramelized onions. Fudge sauce. Pumpkin puree. Orange marmalade.

*I think I'll try all whole wheat next time.
**That's how much I needed to thinly cover my skillet. Depending on how large your skillet is, you might need more or less, but err on the side of "less" for your first one.

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  1. yay for crepes! I love making them! You know though, I've only made dessert ones. This gets me excited to try more variety with them some time. Thanks!