14 September 2010

Hopping mad

Okay. I just found this website and I am pretty riled up about it. In fact, I can't decide whether to be angry or sad. One thing I know: the Gospel is defamed and distorted by these exclusivist, anti-Semitic, hateful teachings. It's maddening to think that people might encounter this cult and reject Christ because of its terrible "doctrines." And it's tragic to think that the members of Christian Identity actually believe this stuff.

A few quotations:
The good news of the gospel is that Christianity pertains exclusively to the White race and that the White race is the true Israel of scriptures and therefore God's chosen people. Today's Jews are descendants of Esau and are the enemies of God.

The church is a political organization constituting the government of Jesus Christ. We are opposed to 'separation of church and state' and therefore advocate theocracy.

We believe in the Genesis story of Creation, but that it is only referring to the race of Adamic man. All other races existed before Adam.

I'm too mad to post anything else right now.


  1. Hey you,

    You spend too much time on the internet.

    Jesus said "For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me." [Matt 26:11] He would be as correct if he had said, "For you will always have the idiots with you...." There is forever the distortion of truth, should we expect the Gospel to be exempt?

    A stark warning to look to our own beliefs for similar distortion.


  2. Thank you. :)

    (By the way, I found the site as I was searching for information on the passage I'd read in my devotions yesterday morning. I wasn't even trying. But thanks for the reminder to calm down.)